Glasscoat is continuously striving to develop new machinery capable of increased quality, productivity and efficiency with organic and inorganic coating process technologies whilst being aware of environmental impacts, energy and labour costs around the world.

research1A.jpgThis has evolved from our earlier experience of volume bottle coating in the UK, with three of the six major glass producers using our electrostatic coating technology at some stage.

We have continued to develop this technology and promote its advantages globally. This has led to installation of equipment to a range of clients worldwide. We have our own test-rig at our base in the UK which can be booked to explore machine capability and paint finish options. Each machine is custom-built to match our clients’ requirements Glasscoat provide a bespoke combination of proven technologies.


  • We invest significantly in continuous development and refinement of the well-established technique.


  • Our approach is one of continuous learning.
  • Our experience and continual feedback from clients contributes to ongoing improvements.

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