Glass Coating Machinery

glass coating machine

We can provide stand-alone coating machines, turn-key finishing plant or extensive facilities to match your production line requirements and those of your end-user. We can provide integrated control from full PLC HMI control to manual coating systems.


We specialise in designing and building high-quality systems that are dedicated to the glass and plastics industries with expertise in High Voltage Electrostatic systems. The systems we design are based on good environmental methods and practices which are cost-effective both in terms of capital outlay and output unit cost. We are continually reviewing our processes to ensure the best design, equipment, and components are being employed. We invest in R&D to look at the future in terms of process and equipment.


We can provide equipment for Organic coating onto glass using the Electrostatic Disc or Electrostatic Rotary Cup/Bell.


We also design and supply spray booth environmental control air conditioning and humidity control.


We design systems for the pre-treatment of the glass prior to coating offering both treatment by Silane Flaming and Standard Flaming. In addition we offer ionizing air systems.


We have a choice of conveyor systems Extra Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty for beverage and Heavy Duty and Standard Duty for cosmetics.


For curing, we offer a comprehensive range of heating options Electric Gas LPG. Direct and indirect thermal convection Infrared electric and Gas and UV.


In addition to this, we offer design and manufacture of cooling systems for the glass together with the application of cold end coatings.


Machines can be designed to coat bottles and containers with a range of 3D profiles.

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