Paints and Finishes

Your Glasscoat international plant can be designed to achieve numerous glass finishes:

Acid Etch / Coloured Etch

Natural acid etch / sand blast effect also transparent
tints and colours.

Transparent Colours

A full range of transparent colours from the lightest to the heaviest tint, through the full colour spectrum.

Solid Colours

A comprehensive range of solid colours from black to white opal, from violet to crimson and from gloss to matt in any colour you may choose.

Simulated Stone & Terracotta

Simulated Stone and Terracotta range of colours from red clay to earthen and stoneware.

Metallic Colours

A full range of aluminium, flake brushed, sparkle, mica, and metallic effects in colours including silver, gold and bronze.

Pearlescent Colours

Pearlescent colours in a range of effects including ‘mother of pearl’ and ‘switch tone’.

'Soft Feel' Colours

Realising the effect of soft non slip rubber, this can be achieved in any solid colour.

Thermochromic Colours

Colour change with temperature for beers, wines, glasses etc.

Fluorescent Colours

Colours that fluoresce in daylight but are particularly vibrant under ultra violet light. Particularly effective for bottles and glasses in night club environments.

Ultra Violet Blocking

Ultra Violet Blocking is available in clear colours, beneficial in the food and drink industry where retention of taste and vitamins etc. is of paramount importance.

Iridescent Colours

Iridescent finishes to provide special effects i.e. oil on water.

Luminescent / Photochromic Colours

Designed to take advantage of changing light frequencies to provide bright, vivid fluorescent colours.

Anti-Bacterial Coatings

Available in any colour, providing added protection against bacteria, ideal for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as around the home.

Fragment Retention Coatings

Domestically used as a protective barrier to reduce the risk of spillage / retention of glass fragments. Alternatively used for corrosive and harmful products in industry to retain / contain both fragments of glass / contents.

Sublimation Coatings

Transfer of colour to give full colour graphics.







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